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Founded in 1999, W&A Engineering is a growing multidisciplinary engineering firm headquartered in Athens, Georgia. Our close-knit team of skilled, passionate engineers and planners is divided into five core departments – Civil Engineering, Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Traffic Engineering, and Economic Development Consulting.

Combining our unique mix of creative and analytical engineering approaches, along with our team’s wide range of experience, allows us to efficiently tackle projects from inception to completion in a wide variety of public and private sectors. W&A Engineering provides on-call economic development services to communities, has active projects in more than 46 states, and continues to expand services and forge partnerships in the most dynamic cities. W&A Engineering currently has offices in Athens, Monroe, and Augusta, Georgia, as well as Nashville, Tennessee.

Many of our projects are collaborative efforts across departments and we strive to build and encourage close working relationships through a variety of company initiatives designed to engage and connect our team members. W&A’s leadership regularly holds input and improvement sessions to guide growth and there are several programs in place to ensure our team remains cohesive and communicative.

We believe in creating opportunities for individual professional achievement and advancement to maximize our team’s performance and continue our firm’s successful expansion into new markets. Our team works hard but we also play hard, planning several team-building outings throughout the year to reward our team, build morale, and improve upon the relationships that allow us to work together efficiently.

Our firm and individual team members are heavily invested in the success of our communities and actively seek ways to support the growth and change happening around us. At W&A, we truly believe in “Building Better Communities” both through our work and individual efforts. In addition to the many non-profit partnerships fostered by our firm, our team members often serve on various civic, community, and industry boards.

W&A Engineering is an Equal Opportunity Employer offering competitive compensation along with an excellent and progressive benefits package.