W&A Employee Spotlight: Jerry Hairston


OUR TEAM– Get to Know Jerry Hairston!

Jerry Hairston (foreground)- Chief Operating Officer with Adam, Clint, and Kyle of W&A’s Nashville office in the background on a recent visit.

Jerry started at W&A on June 1, 2020, as the new Chief Operating Officer. Starting as COO in the middle of a pandemic, you might think Jerry’s a sucker for punishment, but nothing could be farther from the truth. He just loves a challenge.

Jerry’s experience as an engineering and construction executive stretches back more than 30 years to 1997 when he started his own electrical engineering consulting firm. Jerry’s last gig before landing at W&A was with the international firm WSP/Parsons Brinckerhoff.

Why W&A? “Well. I started thinking about how I wanted to finish out my career. Looking back, I realized that I was happiest when I was in a position to help a company grow. So, I started looking for a small- to mid-sized business whose values aligned with mine and who was ready to take the next step. W&A hit the sweet spot. I really feel that I can make a difference here and be an integral part of making a great company better.”

Tell me about your family, Jerry. “I’ve been married to my wife Robyn for 24 years, come December. We have three great kids, Mary Katherine (22), Hayden (20), Maggie (18), and a beloved dog Cooper (13). I am so proud of each of them for their character and achievements. Robyn deserves all of the credit.” Although they’ve lived in Metro Atlanta all of their lives, Jerry and Robyn are looking forward to living their “empty-nest” years in Athens.