W&A Announces 2022 Rebrand with New Logo

W&A Engineering announced today they will be retiring the current company logo that has been in use for over the past five years and a new version of the W&A company logo has been released for official use. With the help of the talented Jackson Spalding marketing and graphic design teams, the breadth of this rebranding effort goes well beyond the façade of the firm’s logo. In fact, Jon Williams, President, and CEO worked closely with the Jackson Spalding team over the past year to reimagine his entire company’s brand. While assessing W&A’s core values and notable attributes, the creative team noted community, connectivity, fluidity, innovation, progression, and precision for their inspiration when redesigning the newest logo set.

“W&A Engineering has been thriving for the past twenty-two years, expanding our reach and building better communities across the nation. Our talented team is dynamic, and we are constantly striving to best meet the needs of our clients and communities. To reflect the enterprising nature of our team, we’re polishing up our brand and looking ahead to yet another great chapter for W&A Engineering and our partners—one embracing growth, evolution, and progress for all.”- Jon Williams, PLA, ASLA CEO & President

This year’s rebranding celebrates W&A Engineering’s continued growth and dynamism as the firm embarks on a new chapter of expansion. The latest transformation of the firm’s logo set is the fourth variation of the logo to ever be adopted since W&A’s initial inception as Williams and Associates twenty-two years ago. In 2019, the firm briefly launched a 20th-anniversary logo in recognition of the momentous milestone. The new company logo set has been made available to all of W&A’s community partners for future use. The W&A Engineering team has welcomed the rebrand and enthusiastically views the change as a symbol of the firm and leadership team’s dedication to continued growth.

Logo History: Evolution of the W&A logo