Economic Development Services

W&A Engineering is dedicated to keeping a finger on the pulse of activity in Georgia, and we offer a wide variety of expert economic development services. Our team members remain in regular contact with economic development project managers, site selectors, location advisors and development authorities statewide to assist in locating opportunities for successful projects. We understand that a prospect’s needs and timing drive an economic development opportunity; therefore we are committed to the timely and professional service our clients demand.

On Call Economic Development Services

On Call General Services

As our leading economic development service, the On Call General Services Agreement allows for economic and industrial development organizations to better prepare their communities to respond to prospects and their site selectors. Rapid and thorough responses are critical in helping prospects eliminate risk and further their consideration in locating to Georgia communities. Sometimes referred to as stand-by service agreement, this approach extends an on-going contractual relationship to the economic or industrial development organization on an as-needed basis.

W&A Engineering offers a broad range of options under this agreement including conceptual planning, site evaluating and due diligence, preliminary engineering and cost estimating. These options can help prepare the economic or industrial development organization for prospect requests for information as well as assist in responding to requests for additional site information from a prospect as a community is considered.

Economic Development Concept Plans Service

Conceptual Planning

Whether it is a concept plan for an individual prospect or master planning a large scale technology or industrial park, many aspects are studied and considered to determine the best use of the property. Alternative sites and building layouts factor into creating the best possible end use for the prospect as well as the community.

W&A Engineering has designed numerous sites for an extensive array of users, including economic and industrial development organizations, public and private developers, institutional entities as well as municipalities. A few of the many aspects that are considered for each site include access, orientation, topography, soil and subsurface conditions, environmental conditions, existing conditions, local, state and federal development standards, future expansions, and aesthetic goals. All of these aspects can greatly influence the final layout or design and ultimately, site selection.

We are highly skilled at listening to our clients’ needs and matching conceptual plan designs to achieve their economic development and project goals.

Industrial Park Design for economic development

Industrial Park Design

Industrial parks are the backbone of job creation and economic development, but planning these areas to facilitate commerce presents specific challenges. Site selection, access to transportation like rail or water, environmental concerns, land planning, and numerous other considerations must be literally mapped out before the first shovel hits.

We have deep expertise and broad experience with industrial park design services, including our development of the new Caterpillar headquarters in Athens, GA. Our specialties in industrial park design include:

  • Master Planning
  • Site Planning & Engineering
  • Infrastructure Design & Engineering
Site Evaluations & Due Diligence Packages for Economic Development

Site Evaluations & Due Diligence

Potential purchasers, investors, developers, title firms and lenders conduct extensive evaluations and complete due diligence packages to ensure that prudent and thorough investigations have been vested prior to closing on property intended for development.

W&A has completed many site evaluations and due diligence packages for countless clients. A few of the many items studied, evaluated and documented are: zoning and permitted uses, existing improvements, utilities, easements, restrictive development covenants or deed restrictions, possible liens, title chains, ALTA and topographic surveys, streams, wetlands, cultural resources, and geotechnical investigations and testing.

We assist clients in understanding the potential as well as the limitations a property may possess.

Preliminary Engineering Economic Development Services

Preliminary Engineering

Civil engineering is a process of collecting data and information about sites and creating design options with financially achievable goals. In the data and information collecting and gathering phase, sometimes referred to as the Preliminary Engineering Phase, many individual pieces of information and items are reviewed in order to determine design alternatives for site and cost optimization.

W&A Engineering is skilled at listening to our client’s goals and fusing those project goals with collected data into economically viable solutions. Preliminary Engineering Reports (PER) offer an assessment of those goals, highlighting issues that are known or identifying areas where data or further analysis or study will be required. Preliminary engineering also provides rough grading volumes, storm and sewer quantities as well as other utility quantities that can be used in project cost estimating.

Cost Estimation Economic Development Services

Opinions of Probable Cost

Land price is but one of many components in determining the total development cost for a project. Our extensive history of site design and development projects nationwide provides an excellent database for reliable opinions of probable cost for all site conditions and regions.

Among the many other factors influencing total development cost are: local and state permitting, development covenants and zoning conditions, time of year, geotechnical investigations and testing, stream and wetlands impacts, environmental testing, utility and road improvements or relocations, storm water and retention requirements, retaining walls and site grading. Not all projects require all listed elements, but many are typical. Our database and experience with diverse project types ensures reliability and the level of detail required for any specific project.

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