Transportation & Traffic Engineering

W&A Engineering takes a multidisciplined approach that offers unique solutions to public and private sector problems. We utilize the expertise of Traffic Engineers, Civil Engineers, Landscape Architects, and Planners to develop techniques to effectively design transportation systems to meet the needs of growing communities.

Traffic Studies

Traffic Studies

Well before roadways or traffic signals are designed, it is critical to have a thorough and detailed understanding of a project site’s traffic scope as well as modeling of the impact of a proposed development on the roadway environment.

Credible traffic studies and analysis are invaluable to a project’s success in a community, not to mention in most cases mandated for project approval. W&A is well-equipped to set up, run, and/or consult on your traffic study needs. Our traffic study professional offerings include the following:

  • Traffic Impact Study
  • Traffic Engineering Reports: Speed, Studies, Signals
  • Signal Warrants Analysis
  • Intersection Analysis
  • Corridor Study
DOT Design & Permitting

Roadway & Intersection Design Permitting

Most new development and redevelopment projects involve road or access modifications, permitting, and the relocation and integration of utility services. This process is overseen and approved by Transportation (DOT) agencies, whose standards, rules, and processes can vary state by state.

W&A Engineering’s projects include traffic impact analyses, traffic signal and intersection design and DOT permitting. Clients include state highway departments and municipalities, as well as commercial and residential developers. The W&A commitment to being on the forefront of the latest transportation issues assures our clients that we will be well equipped to meet our clients’ specifications.

W&A Engineering has worked with Department(s) of Transportation nationwide through the design, review, and approval process for road construction, utility relocation, and changes in traffic operations. Our experts work alongside the appropriate governmental design review teams to make sure projects are on schedule, adhere to DOT standards, and remain on budget. Our DOT Design and Permitting expertise includes:

  • Road Widening and Turn Lanes Design
  • New Roadway Design
  • Driveway Design and Permitting
  • Intersection Improvements
  • Pedestrian Access Improvements
  • Drainage Improvements
  • Utility Relocation
  • Utility Encroachment Permitting
  • DOT Permitting
  • Signage and Marking
Traffic Signal Design

Traffic Signal Studies

Traffic signal designs must meet local Department of Transportation (DOT) specifications, fit into existing site constraints, and follow the design process from research through permitting approval.

There are many reasons for a traffic signal — to manage traffic flows or to increase safety at an intersection — the process involves multiple variables that require special attention. The project’s purpose, affect on nearby junctions, traffic modeling, and other considerations are all part of the traffic signal design process. We specialize in the following traffic signal design areas:

  • DOT Specifications
  • DOT Signal Plans
  • DOT Permitting
  • Bid Assistance
  • Professional Engineer (PE) in nine states
  • NPDES LEVEL II Certification
  • GDOT Prequalified
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
  • Athens Area Home Builders
  • Georgia Economic Development Association (GEDA)
  • Southern Economic Development Council (SEDC)

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