Municipal Services

As cities, towns and municipalities continue to grow throughout the Southeast, the governing bodies of these communities must expand the municipal services they provide. The Municipal Services Division of W&A Engineering recognizes this growing need, and in turn offers comprehensive planning, managerial and administrative services to assist local governments at the city, county, regional and state levels through all phases of development.

We leverage our experience, expertise, and professional reputation to assist our clients with project management, zoning coordination, grant writing & administration, streetscapes, parks design, transportation enhancement, community visioning and other municipal services needs.

We provide effective, efficient, full-service solutions to the municipal planning and design needs of any community. Our services are also available for initial departmental setup and process development, for the short term as a stopgap measure, or for full-time consultation. Our municipal services department is ready to help!

Code Writing & Consulting

We work closely with municipalities to formulate development codes, appropriate regulations, and other important safeguards and legal infrastructure necessary for successful development that also respects the local environment and wildlife habitats.

If you represent a local government or organizational authority looking to develop, update, or revise your local codes to facilitate safe and successful development while protect the numerous stakeholders involved, we’re here to help.

Grant Writing & Administration

Grant writing is an important and often overlooked source of funds and creative ideas for development projects. There are numerous grants available that encourage economic development, support construction and non-construction industries, provide help turning around distressed communities, and offer technical assistance to your projects.

Our grant process experts will assess your goals and help you identify, prioritize, and apply for quality grants that fit your needs. We can even help you administer and develop these projects once your grants are awarded. We specialize in the following grant writing and administration areas:

  • Funding Source Identification
  • Initial Conceptual Design

Industrial Park Design

Industrial parks are the backbone of job creation and economic development, but planning these areas to facilitate commerce presents specific challenges. Site selection, access to transportation like rail or water, environmental concerns, land planning, and numerous other considerations must be literally mapped out before the first shovel hits.

We have deep expertise and broad experience with industrial park design services, including our development of the new Caterpillar headquarters in Athens, GA. Our specialties in industrial park design include:

  • Master Planning
  • Site Planning & Enginering
  • Infrastructure Design & Engineering

Parks and Recreational Facilities

Happy citizens make for prospering towns and cities, and increasingly people want better and more numerous parks and recreation resources when it comes to choosing a place to live.

Whether it’s bike paths, greenways, zoos, or some other local amenity, our integrated expertise in planning, building, and landscaping allows us to bring a great deal of value to you and your community. We specialize in parks and recreation:

  • Concept and Visioning
  • Master Planning
  • Rehabilitation and Renovation of Existing Facilities
  • Community Interface

Project & Construction Management

W&A Engineering provides construction observation services on various project types for public and private sector clients. The W&A Engineering team is highly experienced in all facets of construction and serves strictly as the client’s representative – enabling clients to achieve the goals of their construction program in an ethical, efficient and cost-effective manner.

  • Cost Opinions
  • Site Visits
  • Bidding Assitance
  • Construction Observation

Subsurface Utility Engineering

Subsurface utility engineering services add value, quality, and accountability to any project. W&A Engineering is able to offer subsurface utility engineering at all quality levels including D, C, B, and A.

  • Level A: the most in-depth level of investigation, level A utilizes physical digging to locate exact spots of utilities using non-destructive methods such as vacuum excavation
  • Level B: identifies and locates underground utilities through non-invasive methods such as light electrical currents
  • Level C: uses on-site surveys and clues such as hand valves and sewer cover to plot utility locations
  • Level D: the most superficial level of investigation, Level D utilizes topographical surveys, plans from prior surveys, maps, and more to establish a loose utility map

Streetscape Design

Streetscapes are of paramount importance when it comes to a project fitting into its environment and projecting aesthetic appeal. This requires a thoughtful integration of all the visual elements in an area, including the road, sidewalks, trees, pathways, and more.

W&A Engineering has all the in-house skills and expertise to design and develop stunning, inviting streetscapes that add value to communities. In particular, our landscape architecture division collaborates exceptionally well with our engineers for best-in-class results. Our professional streetscape design offerings include:

  • TE Grant Design & Administration
  • GATEway (now REBC) Grant Design & Administration
  • Sidewalk Design/Improvements
  • Lighting & Landscape Design

Utility & Infrastructure Design

Great communities need reliable utilities and designs, including modern sewer systems and water treatment facilities. Further, all of these associated components must be integrated into a working system that connects a community, keeps costs down over time, and provides a foundation for economic development.

W&A Engineering can handle all your utility and infrastructure planning, designing, and construction needs to keep your development project on track. We specialize in the following utility and infrastructure design areas:

  • Sanitary Sewer System Design
  • Sanitary Sewer Pumpstation Design
  • Water System Design and Modeling
  • Water Reuse System Design

Stormwater Management & Hydrology

Runoff from roads, parking lots, rooftops and other non-absorbent surfaces ultimately makes its way into local bodies of water, and can cause environmental issues including flooding, erosion, and damage to animal habitats.

Our stormwater management and hydrology experts ensure that your project meets EPA and other local water runoff regulations, respects the local watershed, and even integrates with the landscape to provide natural beauty, organic water purification, and additional stormwater protection. We specialize in the following stormwater and hydrology services:

  • Storm Sewer System Design
  • Hydrology and Flood Studies
  • Storm Water Mangement Systems
  • Water Quality Design
  • Storm System Mapping (GIS)
  • Platting; Floodplain Mapping (GIS)
  • Registered Land Surveyor (RLS) in Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina
  • SAMSOG member

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