W&A Cares About Employee Well-being


W&A strives to create a sense of teamwork and a workplace environment in which employees can thrive professionally, feel supported personally, and be encouraged to pursue their passions.




Scott Haines

Wellness Program

Wellness encompasses more than just a person’s physical health. A person’s wellness can be impacted by a variety of factors, from lack of sleep to feelings of stress and being overwhelmed to not having time for family and friends. W&A’s Healthy Habits Rewards Program is a voluntary program intended to encourage and reward healthy habits. It focuses on the areas of Physical Activity & Fitness, Holistic Living, Nutrition & Healthy Eating, and Prevention & Screening, with the ultimate goals of reducing employees’ feelings of stress, increasing their sense of fulfillment, and improving their overall health in the office and at home.

The company also offers a Physical Fitness Bonus for those who maintain memberships in gyms, yoga studios, dance studios, and other physical fitness facilities and/or take classes on a regular basis.

In addition to the Healthy Habits Rewards Program and Physical Fitness Bonus, W&A currently offers a smoke-free environment, medical and dental insurance, paid holidays and time off, family leave (maternity/paternity and family care), bereavement leave, and multiple options for flextime.  

W&A Engineering Gives Back

Financial Incentives & Security

At W&A we want our employees to feel valued, and, of course, we hope that everything we do— from the smallest interaction to employee evaluations, reinforces that core principle. But, we also recognize that financial incentives are important to demonstrating our appreciation.

W&A currently offers longevity rewards, versatile incentive pay, and flexible spending accounts.

At W&A we work hard, and we want to ensure that the time employees spend with us is part of a lifetime of creating long-term financial security for themselves and their families.

W&A provides long-term disability insurance, group life insurance, and retirement fund matching.

W&A Engineering

Team Building

All work and no play make Jack and Jill very dull! At W&A we recognize that simply working in the same space does not, by itself, ensure a sense of teamwork and productive collaborations. So, we’ve created the PEP (Phenomenal Event Planning) Squad, a group of employees empowered to plan regular events and outings that allow us to get to know each other better so that our co-workers become a work family. Typical outings include kayaking on the Broad River, attending an Atlanta Braves baseball game, hosting food trucks at the office, fun competitions such as city-wide scavenger hunts, and Escape the Space, family night at Dave & Busters, chili cook-offs, and shared meals on the outdoor patio.

In addition to PEP Squad events, W&A provides a First Great Day experience for all new employees ensuring they feel a part of the team from their very First Day. The firm holds regularly paid lunch-n-learns, hosts the W&A Community BBQ for over 600 guests, and sponsors group volunteer projects.

Extra Special People

Professional and Personal Growth

W&A is proud of the credentials and accomplishments of its employees and is committed to supporting their continued professional growth and encouraging their personal passions.

The company offers a vigorous mentoring program with an eye toward professional development and career advancement, financially supports professional licensing and continuing education, and regularly hosts internal lunch-n-learns focused on W&A’s service areas. 

W&A makes a dedicated effort to be an involved and supportive partner to the many organizations working to improve our community and industry. In addition to dedicating company resources to our communities, W&A encourages employees to get personally involved by allotting 8 hours per year of paid time off to spend on their volunteer activity of choice and by supporting a regular employee-driven charity-athon.

Contact Amy Kissane for more information on how W&A gives back.