W&A Cares

We care about our employees. We care about their families. We care about our communities.

Our Commitment to Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship is a recognition that businesses have responsibilities to both the communities in which they operate as well as to their employees and stakeholders. We at W&A Engineering are committed to Building Better Communities. That commitment applies to the work we do for our clients; it applies to the work environment we create for our employees; and it applies to the larger impact we believe our firm and its employees can have on our communities.

Since establishing the company in 1999, President & CEO Jon Williams has worked to fulfill his passion to give back to the community. “I’m focused on how to make W&A the best possible company for its employees, and not just a great place to work but a great place to serve, as well.”

Employee Spotlight

November 2019

Joe Perloff, PLA, Landscape Architect at W&A, is celebrating his five-year anniversary with our firm this month. Joe joined the W&A team fresh out of graduate school, after completing his master’s degree in landscape architecture at the University of Georgia. “Back in 2014, the job market was not quite what it is today. Many of us were looking for jobs after school, and finding something close to the Athens area was not easy,” recalled Joe.


W&A’s Impact Grows

W&A started measuring its philanthropic impact in 2016. Represented here is the collective impact of W&A and its staff on our communities to date, and counting.

W&A’s collective impact continues to grow with financial support for our Charities of Choice in Athens and Nashville and sponsorships of local nonprofit fundraisers such as the Marigold Festival in Winterville, GA, and the Tour de Nash in Nashville, TN. Impact hours reflect the time spent by our dedicated employees working with W&A’s Community Partners and volunteering in the community using W&A paid volunteer time.

W&A’s Partnership with goBeyondProfit

To emphasize these commitments to our local communities, W&A is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Georgia based non-profit, goBeyondProfit. This organization was launched by Georgia business leaders in 2017 and is devoted to giving businesses that are investing within Georgia communities a platform to share their stories in order to inspire other business owners to adopt their own corporate generosity programs. Visit the W&A company spotlight page to learn more about our partnership.

Charity of Choice ATHENS

W&A Engineering’s Charity of Choice ATHENS is the Boys & Girls Clubs of Athens. The Boys & Girls Club is devoted to providing opportunities to local youth who need it most. Their mission is to inspire and enable all young people to realize their full potential as responsible, caring and productive citizens. The Athens-area clubs have provided a clean, healthy, and safe environment for youth ages 6 to 18 for over 55 years. After-school activities focus on three major priority outcomes: Academic Success, Good Character & Leadership, and Healthy Lifestyles. In conjunction with these priorities, the Club places emphasis on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) and Workforce Development initiatives, making it a perfect match for W&A.

Charity of Choice NASHVILLE

W&A Engineering’s Charity of Choice NASHVILLE is Rebuilding Together Nashville. Rebuilding Together Nashville began under the name “Christmas in April” in 1995 and was founded and sustained for many years by members of the local architecture community. Renamed in 2001, the nonprofit continues to rely on that Nashville volunteer spirit as it restores, rebuilds, and performs essential repairs at homes of low-income area residents. RTN’s vision is safe homes and communities for everyone, and, to date, the Nashville nonprofit has made meaningful improvements to more than 500 Nashville area homes, preserving affordable homeownership, revitalizing neighborhoods, and helping low-income residents to continue to live safely and comfortably in their long-term homes and neighborhoods.

About W&A Cares:

As W&A enters its 20th anniversary year, we are committed to building on its history of philanthropy and to growing those efforts to have the greatest impact on our communities and our employees. Moving forward we want our efforts to be focused – centered on our values, our expertise, and our profession. To that end, we have chosen five areas of focus for W&A’s philanthropic and volunteer efforts. When faced with decisions on what we should do, these five areas will help guide us so that we have a cohesive and consistent approach with our philanthropy.

Corporate Citizenship Focus Areas




W&A believes in giving back to the communities we call home. Whether through sponsoring charitable organizations or providing in-kind engineering and design services, we help visions become reality.

Economic Development


W&A provides in-kind services to its Community Partners throughout the State of Georgia, working with them to compete for and win projects and enhance the economic prosperity of their communities.



Opportunity comes through awareness and awareness through education. W&A employees take their show on the road, providing students and young adults a look into the world of engineering and design to help them envision a path to success.


W&A strives to create a sense of teamwork and a workplace environment in which employees can thrive professionally, feel supported personally, and be encouraged to pursue their passions. Read more about how W&A Cares About Employee Well-being, here.


W&A’s culture of accountability extends to the world we live in, and thus we are committed to practices and choices that promote sustainability.

Contact Amy Kissane for more information on how W&A gives back.