W&A Cares

We care about our employees. We care about their families. We care about our communities.

Our Commitment to Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship is a recognition that businesses have responsibilities to both the communities in which they operate as well as to their employees and stakeholders. We at W&A Engineering are committed to Building Better Communities. That commitment applies to the work we do for our clients; it applies to the work environment we create for our employees; and it applies to the larger impact we believe our firm and its employees can have on our communities.

Since establishing the company in 1999, President & CEO Jon Williams has worked to fulfill his passion to give back to the community. “I’m focused on how to make W&A the best possible company for its employees, and not just a great place to work but a great place to serve, as well.”


Employee Spotlight

May 2021

Andrew Walker,EIT- … We are delighted to announce that Andrew Walker has officially joined W&A Engineering as a project engineer at our headquarter office in Athens, Georgia. Later this month, he will be graduating from the University of Georgia with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and will be an official member of our civil engineering team


W&A’s Impact Grows

W&A started measuring its philanthropic impact in 2016. Represented here is the collective impact of W&A’s corporate citizenship program on our communities, to date and counting, as measured in charitable donations, volunteer hours, and hours spent fulfilling the W&A Cares commitments and the dollar value of those hours.

W&A kicked off 2021 as the Visionary Sponsor for Envision Athens’ Year of Good Neighbor Campaign championing Unity, Equity, Prosperity, and Compassion. Throughout 2021 W&A will be using its voice to amplify the important messages and themes embraced by the campaign, and what better way to be a good neighbor than W&A’s partnership with the Department of Public Health that helped establish, at the beginning of the year, a COVID19 testing and vaccination site at our Southern Mills home. Also in January, the company participated for the 2nd year in MLK Jr. Day of Service activities in Athens and Monroe, GA, volunteering with ongoing restoration efforts at two historic African American cemeteries. W&A also kicked off its 2021 Charity of Choice programs in Athens (Books for Keeps), Monroe (Monroe Area High School Future Farmers of America), and Nashville (Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee) and will provide financial, in-kind, and volunteer support to these nonprofits throughout the year. Finally, the company hosted its Annual Health Screening, free for all employees, to provide employees with important baseline information about their health.

W&A’s Partnership with goBeyondProfit

To emphasize these commitments to our local communities, W&A has partnered with the Georgia based non-profit, goBeyondProfit, since 2019. This organization was launched by Georgia business leaders in 2017 and is devoted to giving businesses that are investing within Georgia communities a platform to share their stories in order to inspire other business owners to adopt their own corporate generosity programs. Visit the W&A company spotlight page to learn more about our partnership.

W&A is also pleased to announce that it has been awarded the goBeyondprofit Champion Award for 2021. The peer-nominated honor is given for exemplary citizenship in company culture and deployment of company resources that empower community.

Charity of Choice ATHENS

W&A Engineering’s Charity of Choice ATHENS is Books for Keeps, a nonprofit working to improve children’s reading achievement by addressing barriers related to the accessibility and appeal of reading material. They give books to children whose reading opportunities outside of school might be otherwise limited due to geography, income, or other factors. “Reading on grade level by the end of third grade is predictive of high school graduation, incarceration rates, and even health outcomes. Studies have found links between reading for pleasure and developing empathy. Children who cannot read on grade level by fourth grade are four times less likely to graduate from high school, costing society an average of $260,000. If we are going to have a productive, prepared workforce in 10 to 20 years, it means giving children the tools they need to be successful in school now. It starts with giving children access to fun, high-interest books so they can build a connection between reading for pleasure and their education. We believe providing children with open, equal access to books allows them to connect the joy of reading with the thrill of discovery, laying the foundation for a successful, fulfilling life.”- Books for Keeps

Charity of Choice NASHVILLE

W&A Engineering’s Charity of Choice NASHVILLE is Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee, whose founding principle is to grant the wish of every eligible child. Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee grants the wishes of children ages 2½ to 17 with life-threatening medical conditions. Since its founding in 2000, the chapter has granted more than 1,300 wishes. There are five types of wishes children choose from: I wish to go, I wish to be, I wish to have, I wish to meet, and I wish to give. For a child to be eligible, he or she must be referred by a doctor, social worker, parents, or they can even refer themselves. Make-A-Wish relies on more than 200 Middle Tennessee volunteers to be “wish granters,” trained to help make wishes come true, such as one child’s wish to be a pirate treasure hunter. “Wishes are more than just a nice thing. A wish experience can be a game-changer for a child with a critical illness, his family, and all involved.”

Charity of Choice MONROE

W&A Engineering’s Charity of Choice MONROE is Future Farmers of America (FFA) Monroe Area High School Chapter. FFA was founded by a group of young farmers in 1928. Their mission was to prepare future generations for the challenges of feeding a growing population. They taught us that agriculture is more than planting and harvesting – it’s a science, it’s a business and it’s an art. FFA has since become a national organization dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education. Students between the ages of 12 and 21 who are enrolled in a systematic course of instruction in agricultural education are eligible for membership. Members attend events such as the state convention, the National Convention, FFA Summer Camp, the North Region Rally, and participate in school events.

About W&A Cares:

In 2020 W&A celebrated its 20th anniversary year and established five corporate values as part of its Strategic Plan 2020-2024: Committed, Accountable, Resourceful, Expanding, and Socially Responsible. The last of these, in particular, addresses W&A’s Corporate Citizenship program which centers on the focus areas of Community, Economic Development, Education, Employee Well-being, and Sustainability. When faced with decisions on what we should do, these focus areas help guide us so that we have a cohesive and consistent approach with our philanthropy.

Corporate Citizenship Focus Areas



W&A believes in giving back to the communities we call home. Whether sponsoring charitable organizations, providing in-kind engineering and design services, or volunteering our time, we help visions become reality.

Economic Development


W&A provides in-kind services to its Community Partners throughout the State of Georgia, working with them to compete for and win projects and enhance the economic prosperity of their communities.



W&A acknowledges the critical importance of early childhood education and the fact that children who are behind in reading in 3rd grade rarely catch up. We seek to bridge the gaps in education that hold our young people back and thus our communities.


W&A strives to create a sense of teamwork and a workplace environment in which employees can thrive professionally, feel supported personally, and be encouraged to pursue their passions. Read more about how W&A Cares About Employee Well-being , here.


W&A’s culture of accountability extends to the world we live in, and thus we are committed to practices and choices that promote sustainability.Read more about how W&A Cares About Sustainability , here

Contact Amy Kissane for more information on how W&A gives back.