W&A Cares


We care about our employees. We care about their families. We care about our communities.

Our Commitment to Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship is a recognition that businesses have responsibilities to both the communities in which they operate as well as to their employees and stakeholders. We at W&A Engineering are committed to Building Better Communities. That commitment applies to the work we do for our clients; it applies to the work environment we create for our employees; and it applies to the larger impact we believe our firm and its employees can have on our communities.

Since establishing the company in 1999, President & CEO Jon Williams has worked to fulfill his passion to give back to the community. “I’m focused on how to make W&A the best possible company for its employees, and not just a great place to work but a great place to serve, as well.”


Scott Haines

Employee Spotlight

SCOTT HAINES, W&A’s Director of Landscape Architecture, has turned a personal dream into a reality. This past January he pitched the idea of starting a communal garden to Oconee Presbyterian, his family’s church, and was overwhelmed by the positive response. In June the garden, after hundreds of hours of work by volunteers of all ages, hit a milestone…its first food donation to ACTS (Area Churches Together Serving), a Ministry of Oconee County Churches—6.5 lbs. of squash, 1.5 lbs. of med chili peppers, and a single 2 oz. tomato. By early August, that amount grew to a total of 1000 pounds of produce donated!

Scott started the garden in part to give back to the community. Landscape Architect, church elder, husband, father of two, and self-ascribed mediocre gardener, Scott knew that local food banks were always in need of fresh produce, and he saw a chance to turn that need into an opportunity. “We hope that through this project we can help offer some small bit of relief to local food ministries and possibly strengthen one another in the process.”

That last part is especially important to Scott. He would like to see the garden initiative grow beyond the Oconee Presbyterian Church community. Many hands make light work, (and good friends, too), and the Oconee Presbyterian Church invites any and all who are interested to join them. To find out more about how you can help, contact Scott at shaines@waengineering.com.

For more information about the garden and to read Scott’s blog, visit https://helpopcgrow.tumblr.com/.

READ MORE about Scott’s efforts on this communal garden.

August 2018

W&A Engineering Gives Back

W&A’s Impact Grows

W&A started measuring its philanthropic impact in 2016. Represented here is the collective impact of W&A and its staff on our communities to date, and counting.

W&A Engineering

Corporate Citizenship Focus Areas

The focus of W&A Engineering is on quality, success and service, inside and out. Over the past 19 years, the company’s philanthropic efforts have taken many forms. As we approach our 20th anniversary, W&A is committed to building on its history of philanthropy and to growing those efforts to reflect the growth and success of the company.

Extra Special People

Charity of Choice ATHENS

W&A Engineering ATHENS’ Charity of Choice is Extra Special People! ESP creates opportunities for people with disabilities and their families to engage, connect, and thrive.

Nashville Charity of Choice

Charity of Choice NASHVILLE

W&A Engineering NASHVILLE’s Charity of Choice is in the works!





W&A believes in giving back to the communities we call home. Whether through sponsoring charitable organizations or providing in-kind engineering and design services, we help visions become reality.

Economic Development


W&A provides in-kind services to its Community Partners throughout the State of Georgia, working with them to compete for and win projects and enhance the economic prosperity of their communities.



Opportunity comes through awareness and awareness through education. W&A employees take their show on the road, providing students and young adults a look into the world of engineering and design to help them envision a path to success.



W&A strives to create a sense of teamwork and a workplace environment in which employees can thrive professionally, feel supported personally, and be encouraged to pursue their passions. Read more about how W&A Cares About Employees, here.



W&A’s culture of accountability extends to the world we live in, and thus we are committed to practices and choices that promote sustainability.

Contact Amy Kissane for more information on how W&A gives back.