W&A Engineering Expands into Metro Atlanta

Cobb County, GA

W&A Engineering Expands into Metro Atlanta

W&A Engineering announced today the expansion of their team into Metro Atlanta. W&A Engineering continues to grow its reach across the southeastern United States as they carry out their mission to build better communities.

Over the past two decades, W&A has grown into a rapidly expanding multidisciplinary firm with a national reach, having managed projects in 46 States. Since the firm’s inception, the foundation for W&A Engineering’s success has been achieved through a commitment to building better communities by providing innovative design, efficient engineering, and professional service one client at a time.

W&A Engineering is an energetic and dedicated team of highly skilled, solution-oriented civil and traffic engineers, surveyors, landscape architects, economic development consultants, and planners. They strive to balance the needs of clients with the needs of communities to improve the built environment and encourage quality projects in the public and private sectors. Through the unlimited potential of their constantly expanding group of talented engineering professionals, W&A strives to be the premier land planning and civil engineering firm in the United States.

With a team of over 80 professionals, W&A Engineering is able to provide Civil Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Land Surveying, Planning, Program Management, and Economic Development Consulting to communities all over the nation. In addition to the new Atlanta office, W&A Engineering also has offices in Athens, Augusta, and Monroe, Georgia, as well as in Nashville, Tennessee.

W&A Engineering’s Atlanta office, located at 2300 Windy Ridge Parkway SE Suite 560 Atlanta, GA 30339, will serve as a regional hub for W&A to continue to forge new relationships and improve communities as they expand across the southeast.

For questions about services or to reach W&A’s staff at this location, please call 404-551-3634.