Top 7 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Engineering Firm


Here’s another video tip from our “How to” series. The video transcript is below:

Today we’ll be talking about how to choose an engineering firm for your next project, whether it’s in Athens, GA, our home base, elsewhere in north Georgia, or beyond.

OK, let’s get started… here are the Top 7 Factors to Consider when Choosing an Engineering Firm

On any project, choosing your key partners is always an important decision, and anyone seeking civil engineering services should ask themselves what characteristics and qualities they’re looking for in their ideal service provider. Based on years of experience in the business, we’ve compiled a list of characteristics that most companies we work with believe are important in making this decision. We hope this is helpful!

The Most Important thing to look for is Relationships.

The civil engineering firm you select should have the best possible relationships with government officials in your region, state and federal reviewing agencies, and local elected officials. A good civil engineering firm uses these relationships on your behalf in order to gain support for your project and make the en-title-ment processes go as smoothly as possible.

Beyond Relationships, consider these factors:

Number 1: Insurance.

We recommend that you select a civil engineering company that maintains at least two million dollars of errors and omissions insurance along with general liability and workers comp policies. It is vitally important that this level of coverage is maintained to give you the assurance that, should there ever be an issue or a claim against your project, you will be adequately covered and your project will not suffer financially.

Number 2: Professionalism.

When working with a civil engineering firm, you and your project should always be treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. Look for a company that strives to maintain and enhance that reputation with every project, regardless of size.

Number 3: Timeliness.

The project managers at great civil engineering firms are experienced and will be realistic and committed when they give you a time frame to complete a task or project. They can also recommend appropriate time frames for project entitlements that are necessary through the various permitting agencies.

Number 4: Licensure.

Naturally, your selected firm should hold licenses for civil engineering at least and possibly also for surveying and landscape architecture, possibly even in multiple states. We also recommend that your project be surveyed, designed, engineered, and permitted by full-time employees who work in a central office and not by subcontractors who may be working in another city, or even another country. Having all trades in-house ensures that your chosen firm can deliver on the professionalism, quality and timeliness that its reputation is built on.

Number 5: Quality.

Great firms promote quality in the workplace on every project they pursue. Their employees understand that their plans and specifications are the tools that drive a project to be constructed on time and on budget. The quality of these plans directly affects the final product in the field. Ask around and see who contractors recommend because they understand the importance of quality and how that translates into a seamless construction project.

Number 6: Track Record.

When selecting a civil engineering firm, look for a strong track record. Experienced firms have been successful in gathering expedited site development approvals and helping their clients redesign difficult sites after a previous design didn’t fit their needs.

Number 7: Stability.

Stable firms maintain their core team of engineers, landscape architects and surveyors despite fiscally difficult times. This demonstrates their level of commitment to their employees, and it also gives their clients great comfort in knowing that they will have consistent representation throughout the life of their project.

There you have it! The top 7 things to look for when selecting an engineering firm…

Good luck in your selection process, and if you’re ever in Athens, stop by and see us.

Until next time, all the best from W&A Engineering…