Heroism From Athens Survey

While building better communities via our professional services and community support is something that W&A Engineering strives to do every single day, it is far less common for our team members to be able to provide potentially life-saving assistance in the midst of a high-stress situation.

Earlier this year, two members of our Athens Survey team were involved in a minor traffic accident. Neither were injured, and the accident was not their fault. The W&A Engineering truck they were driving sustained only minor bumper damage, and the team members immediately exited their vehicle to take note of their surroundings.

Another vehicle involved, a logging semi-truck, rolled into a ditch adjacent to the road. The two approached the semi-truck to find the driver trapped inside. After a few moments, they were able to successfully cut him out of the cabin and pull him to safety.

“If that’s not building better communities, I don’t know what is,” Jon Williams mentioned in a weekly video addressing the team. “My hat off to them both for their heroism.”

On December 17th, the W&A Engineering team was able to properly thank the two for their heroism and recognize their bravery with Awards of Heroism presented to them during the annual holiday party. It was with great fascination and resounding applause that the rest of the corporate family rose to their feet in a standing ovation after the awards were announced. From the entire W&A family, we’re incredibly proud of these two team members not only for the professional care and dedication they show on the job site every day but also for their personal integrity and valor in the face of an uncertain situations such as these. We’re thankful to have such selfless and honorable people who embody the W&A CARES values as a part of our staff, building better communities both on the job and off!