W&A Celebrates First Retiree’s Legacy with Inaugural Employee Assistance Fund

A Celebration of Growth!

On September 30th, 2021, W&A Engineering celebrated officially becoming a centurial force, now having over a hundred employees building better communities all across the southeast! In an all-day event celebrating this incredible milestone, W&A team members gathered to welcome new team members, enjoy the company of their work family, and launch the next chapter of W&A history.

However, this testimony to our team’s motivation, dedication, and long-standing service to our communities was not only a toast to the new generation of W&Aers joining our ranks; it was also the opportunity to honor the legacy of one Bobbie Holt, who became the first person to ever retire from W&A Engineering. A celebration of incredible new beginnings, W&A’s 100th Employee Celebration seemed the perfect place to also honor the bittersweet end to an unprecedented career of service and leadership to our team.

Legacy and Service

Miss Barbara B. Holt loyally served W&A Engineering for fourteen and a half years before retiring on October 1st, 2021. Officially, Bobbie served as the Office Manager for our headquarter office in Athens, Georgia. Unofficially, Bobbie wore more hats than anyone else possibility could, as her dedication to providing our team with nearly fifteen years of administrative, logistical, and interpersonal service extended far beyond the traditional role.

At the end of his celebratory address, an emotional Jon Williams wrapped his arm around an equally emotional Bobbie Holt and told the entire W&A family, “This is a goal I had when I first started this company—to have people come to work and to retire from W&A Engineering.”

The Barbara B. Holt Employee Assistance Fund

After reminiscing on her service and achievements, Jon Williams announced the brand-new Barbara B. Holt Employee Assistance Fund. Started in honor of Bobbie’s legacy of care and compassion, this fund will provide each employee eligibility to receive a grant in times of hardship. “With the help of Amy Clark and Sarah McKinney, W&A Engineering will be the first company in Athens to have an employee assistance fund managed by the Athens Area Community Foundation,” Williams announced.

Starting on January 1, 2022, each W&A employee will have the opportunity to redirect a few dollars from their earnings to this fund as a financial safety net for all W&A employees in times of financial need. Whether to help out, get over the hump, or get through a tough time, this fund will serve as a constant reminder of our dedication to our firm and to our team, as well as Miss Bobbie’s never-ending support and loyalty.

“Through the good and the bad, Bobbie’s been a staunch advocate for our employees. I don’t know of a single time when she put anything ahead of our team,” Williams told his staff after announcing the Fund, ending the day’s celebrations of optimism and excitement for the future with a standing ovation of teary eyes, clapping hands, and over one hundred faces of people who would greatly miss this extraordinary lady.