4 Guidelines for Choosing a Landscape Architect


Here’s another video tip from our “How To” series. This one shares 4 key guidelines we recommend you keep in mind when choosing a professional landscape architect for your next project, whether you are located in the Athens, Ga area, elsewhere in north Georgia, or beyond.

Check out the video, and of course please contact us if you have any questions. The video transcript is below:

Hello, W&A Engineering here again. We are an Athens GA-based engineering firm and here’s another tip from our “How to” series. Today we’ll be sharing four key guidelines for choosing a landscape architect…

OK, let’s get started…

Landscape Architecture is a field that lives between the worlds of design and function as it deals with a number of areas… from planting design, to storm water management, to small garden design, to large city master planning, and more….
So when choosing the proper Landscape Architect for your next project, it’s important to ask about several important areas, including their:

  1. licensing and insurance
  2. specialization
  3. past projects
  4. abilities and/or limitations

OK, let’s go through these…

Four Guidelines for Choosing a Landscape Architect

#1 – Licensing and Insurance

One of the first things to ask when choosing a Landscape Architect is to verify that they are licensed as well as properly insured. Knowing that the Landscape Architect has a professional license is the obvious first step in making sure that they’re minimally qualified to take on your project. Plus, it’s important to know if that individual is licensed in the state, as some projects must be permitted through a local agency.

#2 – Specialization

With professional licensing and proper insurance laying a strong foundation for a new business relationship, you can then look at the Landscape Architect’s specific skills. Most Landscape Architects will have a general grasp of most fields, but they usually specialize in certain things. So, ask around and find someone who really focuses on your specific type of project.

#3 – Style

Along with a Landscape Architect’s special areas of expertise, it’s important to understand the professional’s aesthetic or personal style. A well rounded Landscape Architect is a blend of engineer and artist, but like with any artist, individual style shapes the work. So, what we recommend is that you look over their past body of work so you can decide whether their style agrees with your vision.

#4 – Resources and Timeliness

Finally, you need to know what your Landscape Architect can deliver. While it may be obvious that you’re hiring someone to develop ideas and concepts and present them in drawings and renderings, understanding the professional’s available personnel and company resources and limitations can be critical to ensuring that your project is designed and built on-time and correctly. In other words, ask for references that can vouch for the Landscape Architect’s ability to finish a job in a timely manner.
So there you have it… the top four things we recommend you look for in a Landscape Architect…

Good luck in your selection process, and if you’re ever in Athens, stop by and see us.

Until next time, all the best from W&A Engineering…