Meet Brent Cook, PE, PTOE, RSP1: W&A Director of Traffic & Transportation

W&A Engineering is thrilled to welcome Brent Cook, PE, PTOE, RSP1 to our team as our Director of Traffic & Transportation! Former GDOT District 1 Engineer and one of less than 750 certified Road Safety Professionals in the country, Brent is an exceptional addition to our team of engineering professionals building better communities across the country.

As Director of Traffic & Transportation, Brent utilizes his three decades of experience serving the citizens of Georgia to help his clients create safer roads and better routes in order to keep their communities in motion. His keen eye for detail and commitment to innovation, along with his genial nature and professional attitude, have allowed the communities he serves to prosper. He enjoys building genuine connections with communities and their leadership in order to find the most efficient and innovative solutions to their complex mobility issues.

Prior to joining W&A Engineering, Brent enjoyed a 27-year career with GDOT as a planning and traffic engineer, with an additional three years working in the private sector. He has extensive experience managing the daily responsibilities of a traffic team, providing oversight and QA/QC for deliverables, such as GDOT Design Traffic Forecasts, Air and Noise reports, development traffic impact studies, and GDOT Railroad Crossing Safety Program projects. He has conducted and managed countless traffic studies, compiled hundreds of Traffic Engineering Reports, developed Comprehensive Transportation Plans for multiple communities, and works to be an active resource for clients during all phases of their project.

In addition to being a Professional Engineer licensed in 6 states including, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Alabama, Brent is also certified as a Professional Traffic Operations Engineer and Road Safety Professional 1 through the Transportation Professionals Certification Board. He is one of only 723 ITE members to have earned the RSP1 certification.

“Everything we do at is based on the safe operations of roadways,” said Cook. “The RSP1 certification identifies those who have demonstrated a unique level of expertise and commitment to the public regarding safety in transportation engineering.”

We’re so grateful to have talented professionals like Brent on our team. Thank you for your dedication to keeping communities in motion and for always prioritizing the safety of our driving public!