W&A Engineering is always thrilled when we get to offer new opportunities to motivated and innovative talent, especially when they’re already a part of our family! We’re thrilled to announce that our marketing intern, Nele Langhof, has accepted a full-time position working on our Business Development and Marketing staff as our inaugural Proposal Coordinator.

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Nele coordinates all Requests for Qualifications/Proposals coming in and out of the firm. She works diligently with our various departments to create beautiful and comprehensive proposals across client markets in both the public and private sectors. The liaison between W&A Engineering and clients in the earliest phases of a project, she has proven herself to be a wonderful addition to our team.

A recent University of Georgia graduate, Nele holds dual degrees in both English and journalism, having focused her education primarily on the formation of early languages and medieval literature, as well as technical writing and new media representation. She is a member of the National Honor Societies for both English and journalism and continues to mentor young writers at UGA.

Originally from Schwäbisch Hall, Germany, Nele is passionate about Knockwurst, fresh bread, and 80’s music. Her favorite place to be is the The Tree Room on Oneta Street, where she often goes to daydream on her lunch break when visiting the Athens office. In her free time, Nele enjoys video chatting with her family’s dogs and slowly but surely turning her apartment into a greenhouse. We couldn’t be happier that she’s officially joined our team, and we look forward to seeing all the ways she will grow with W&A!

“Being a female humanities junior scholar in the engineering industry has been such an incredible journey,” she said. “I could not be prouder to be part of a firm that truly goes beyond profit and builds better communities.”