New Employees and Employee Promotions of 2012

W&A Engineering is proud to announce our new employees and employee promotions for 2012.  The past year was a landmark year for W&A with the company taking a lead role in the design services for projects like Caterpillar, the new Athens-Clarke County Jail expansion, The Standard building in downtown Athens, the Emmanuel Episcopal Church expansion, as well as three new Racetrac convenience stores located in our area.  W&A has been on a path of continued growth and success since inception in 1999.  W&A prides itself on exceptional customer service and strives daily to create better communities through design “one client at a time”.

Kelsey Berry was hired in July to serve as W&A’s Marketing Director.  In this position, Berry will design the marketing material, manage social media accounts and website press releases, and attend trade shows, as well as conventions, for W&A. With its addition of a Marketing professional, W&A is committed to growing its reach and leveraging its success to land more projects.

Jim Lenahan was added to the W&A team as an outside sales and marketing consultant.  Jim works primarily on the road and keeps in constant contact with our existing and potential clients within our sales region.  Lenahan has past experience working with the McIntosh Trail RDC and the Georgia Economic Development Department.

Scott Haines was promoted to Director of Landscape Architecture beginning December of 2012.  Haines has been an employee of W&A since September 2004.  In his new role, Haines will provide the guidance and direction necessary to achieve the financial, strategic, project, and employee development goals of the Landscape Architecture Division. He will also be responsible for effectively developing community and business relationships for W&A.  For the past eight years, Haines has been a valuable asset for the firm, and W&A is excited about what he will bring to this new role and the success of the company.

Mark Dunlap, the Director of the W&A Engineering Surveying Department, was named as a Partner in Training and will become a full partner effective January 1, 2014. Dunlap has been with W&A since surveying was added to its list of services in 2009.  With an extensive background in surveying, Dunlap has been the cornerstone of W&A’s surveying department and is largely responsible for the department’s success.

In 2012 W&A Engineering greatly expanded its surveying department with the addition of Matt Roberts and Austin Hewatt as new crew chiefs.  Jim Thurmond was also added to the surveying department as a crew member.

Jackson Stephens was hired in February as an addition to our Landscape Architecture Department and Trey Rutledge, a licensed professional engineer, was hired in March as an addition to our Engineering Department.

W&A Engineering would like to thank all of our clients; we recognize that without you we would not be able to continue to expand our company and we will strive to continue our commitment to offer you the best possible service.