Athens-Clarke County Jail Expansion

Project Description

The Athens-Clarke County Jail Expansion Project includes a 165,739 sf expansion of the existing facility that will house a total of 792 inmates. The project includes the removal of an onsite pond and wetland in accordance with FAA and ACC Airport Overlay District requirements. The pond will be replaced with a series of bioretention facilities with a dry detention facility to provide detention. A creek will be reestablished with a multistory canopy and stabilized channel. In addition to the jail expansion, the site improvements include the relocation of the ACC-maintained fueling station, the addition of a 1,600 sf storage facility for the Department of Corrections, site preparation work for a future Police Department Evidence Storage Building, installation of 400 parking spaces in multiple parking lots throughout the site, installation of water, sewer and stormwater facilities, tree planting and landscaping in accordance with county requirements, installation of security and management fencing, and a vehicular access network throughout the property.



Athens-Clarke County, GA

Services Provided

  • Surveying
  • Civil Engineering
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Construction Administration

ACC Jail Expansion- WilliamsandAssociates

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