Promotion Announcement—Ellen Rodgers, PE

W&A Engineering is very excited to announce that Ellen Rodgers, PE has accepted the position of Director of Engineering for our Athens office.  Ellen joined the Civil Engineering Division of W&A Engineering in 2015. In her 17 years of work in the civil engineering field, Ellen has gained significant experience in a variety of private development projects and public infrastructure projects, including stormwater, gravity and force main sanitary sewer, waterline, and erosion control design. She has comprehensive familiarity with public policy and Federal/State/Local regulations. Ellen graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Georgia in 2003 with an emphasis in structural systems.

Ellen’s passion for engineering began at a young age. Ellen always enjoyed building things and loved playing with Legos and erector sets. When she was first accepted to the University of Georgia Ellen enrolled as a pre-pharmacy student, but quickly realized her true calling and declared her major in engineering in her sophomore year.

Since joining W&A, Ellen spent the first couple of years with the firm focused on plan production and worked on many projects across the country. She then began getting more involved in project coordination and entitlements processes. In 2019, Ellen was promoted from Project Engineer to Project Manager and has done an exceptional job managing large-scale projects in several states since joining the W&A team.  

In her new role as Director of Engineering, Ellen will be responsible for the management of the Engineering Department in the Athens office—specifically, focusing on implementation of the strategic plan, client relations management, department and personnel management, and budgeting.

“I know that Ellen is going to do a fantastic job embracing the W&A culture and continuing our mission of building better communities,” said Jon Williams, CEO & President of W&A Engineering.

We are very grateful to have Ellen as a part of the W&A team and ask that you all help welcome and support her in her new role.