W&A Doubles Books For Keeps Donation Goal

February was book drive month for our Charity of Choice, Books for Keeps! In the spirit of friendly office competition, four members of our leadership team competed to see how many books they could collect within the W&A family. In three short weeks, we more than doubled our goal! The competition is still going strong within these walls to see which team will come out on top!

“As a former school teacher, I have seen the impact Books For Keeps has first-hand,” book drive organizer Jenny Aldin commented. “Seeing a child being presented with a book of their very own, especially when that opportunity might only come once a year through Books for Keeps, is priceless. Building Better Communities through literacy is incredibly important to everyone here at W&A, and we’re grateful to be given the opportunity to contribute.”

Books for Keeps serves over 8,000 children from 18 different elementary schools in Athens, Atlanta, Elberton, and Warrenton, Georgia. At the end of each school year, Books for Keeps invites each child to pick out 12 books to take home… For keeps! Since 2009, they have donated over half a million books!