W&A Engineering Announces 2020 Charities of Choice: Area Churches Serving Together (ACTS) and Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee!

Athens, Georgia – We are very pleased to announce that W&A Engineering has named Area Churches Together Serving as the 2020 Charity of Choice for the Athens area. We will donate a total of $10,000 to support ACTS as they strive to “build a better community by focusing on taking care of their neighbors in need.” W&A’s Nashville office has named Make-A-Wish of Middle Tennessee as their 2020 Charity of Choice. W&A’s commitment also includes a year-long volunteer partnership to ensure meaningful and sustainable support throughout 2020.

W&A’s corporate citizenship initiative, W&A Cares, is part of an ambitious effort to formalize and increase the firm’s commitment to “Building Better Communities” through service and financial support in five focus areas: Community, Economic Development, Education, Employee Well-Being, and Sustainability.

“Over the past 20 years, W&A’s philanthropic efforts have taken many forms. As we approach our 20th anniversary, we are committed to building on this history and increasing these efforts,” said CEO/Partner Jon Williams. “We’re focused on making W&A Engineering the best possible company for our employees, and not just a great place to work but also a great place to serve.”

As part of our firm’s W&A Cares program, employees in all offices were asked to select a Charity of Choice they felt most reflected W&A’s focus and mission while creating the greatest good in the community. Employees will focus volunteer efforts on the Charity of Choice throughout the year while continuing to support the many other organizations that have benefited from firm-wide and individual efforts in past years.

For more information, please contact Amy Kissane, Corporate Citizenship Coordinator: AKissane@WAengineering.com or 706-310-0400

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About W&A Engineering:

Founded in 1999, W&A Engineering is a growing multidisciplinary engineering firm headquartered in Athens, Georgia. Known for our innovative design, efficient engineering, and professional service, W&A Engineering is the trusted partner of community leaders and developers driving sustainable growth throughout the United States. Utilizing a mix of cre­ative and analytical engineering, along with extensive real-world experience, our team efficiently moves projects from inception to completion in a wide va­riety of public and private sectors. W&A Engineering currently leads the Northeast Georgia market, pro­vides on-call economic development services to over 35 Georgia counties, has project experience in 45 states, and continues to expand services and forge partnerships in the South’s most dynamic cities. For more information on W&A Engineering and W&A Cares, visit: WAengineering.com.

About Area Churches Together Serving (ACTS):

ACTS is a volunteer ministry of 28 participating churches in Oconee County. With support from these churches, interested businesses, school employees, students, and individuals, ACTS strives to build a better community by focusing on taking care of its neighbors in need. On average ACTS serves between 200-240 families (just under 800 individuals) per month, distributing approximately 17,800 canned goods in addition to other types of food goods, clothing, personal care items, as well as assistance with living expenses. ACTS has no paid staff, but, with the help of dedicated volunteers, it is having a significant impact on the lives of those in need. “We care about our community and we especially care about those who, for whatever reason, have needs that can and should be met. Through our collective efforts – we make it happen so that they will know that we truly care.” For more information, visit their Facebook page: Facebook.com/ACTSOconee

About Make-A Wish Middle Tennessee:

The founding principle of Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee is to grant the wish of every eligible child. Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee grants the wishes of children ages 2½ to 17 with life-threatening medical conditions. Since its founding in 2000, the chapter has granted more than 1,300 wishes. There are five types of wishes children choose from: I wish to go, I wish to be, I wish to have, I wish to meet, and I wish to give. For a child to be eligible, he or she must be referred by a doctor, social worker, parents, or they can even refer themselves. Make-A-Wish relies on more than 200 Middle Tennessee volunteers to be “wish granters,” trained to help make wishes come true, such as one child’s wish to be a pirate treasure hunter. “Wishes are more than just a nice thing. A wish experience can be a game-changer for a child with a critical illness, his family, and all involved.” For more information, visit middletennessee.wish.org.