W&A Engineering Celebrates National Surveyors Week

This week, W&A Engineering celebrates National Surveyors Week, celebrated every March during the week after the month’s third Sunday.

National Surveyors Week was proposed February 13, 1984 by President Ronald Reagan. In fact, many of our early presidents have been instrumental in land surveying. At the age of 17, Georgia Washington was appointed to serve as the Surveyor General of Virginia in 1749. Similarly, Thomas Jefferson was instrumental in founding the Public Land Survey System after the Louisiana Purchase. During the 1800s, there were over 1.5 billion acres surveyed into townships and sections.

In Reagan’s 1984 proclamation letter, he wrote, “I invite all Americans to look back at the historic contributions of surveying and look ahead to the new technologies which are constantly modernizing this honored and learned profession.”

At W&A Engineering, we are a dedicated team of engineering professionals working tirelessly to fulfill our mission to build better communities. Our surveying department is the driving force behind so much of our work behind the scenes, and we could not be more grateful for such a hard-working, committed team.

“Land Surveying is a challenging profession, both mentally and physically. The first step in overcoming those challenges is building a great team,” said Surveying Technical Coordinator Mark Dunlap. “At W&A, we continue to build a staff composed of various levels of experience and skill, and we strive to improve our quality of work, both within the department and working with the design teams.”

Please join us in celebrating surveyors all over the country today! Need inspiration for how to celebrate? Talk about surveying in your local communities. Organize a Geocaching event with friends to celebrate the land or host a surveying talk at a local school or professional organization! Surveyors of W&A Engineering, we thank you for making being such a valuable part of our team, and we celebrate your hard work and dedication!