W&A Employee Spotlight: Austin Hewatt

Austin Hewatt, a Survey Manager with W&A, is the father of two, and, as with most parents, Austin thinks a lot about how to make the world a better place for them. In December of 2018, W&A Engineering kicked off a program giving employees the opportunity to present a charity they care about for support by other company employees. It’s a low-key kind of thing and serves to increase W&A’s support for the community, as well as educate employees about the good work being done by local nonprofits.

Austin took advantage of W&A’s program to support Project Safe. “I believe in this organization, and I feel that it is operating to the fullest extent of its mission statement, which is ‘Working to end domestic violence through crisis intervention, ongoing supportive services, systems change advocacy, and prevention and education in the community.’ They prove their unwavering commitment to this mission every day by insuring that ninety cents of every dollar contributed goes directly to their programs and services.”

Austin learned that Project Safe was expanding from 16-21 beds and, after talking it over with his wife, decided to “adopt” a family size bedroom. He put together a shopping list and sent it out to the firm asking for donations of funds or items on the list.

In the end, Austin raised $550, enough to outfit the family size bedroom AND a bathroom.

Checking things off the list!

“I have an eight year old daughter, and the thought of her being in a situation in which she would need Project Safe brings me to my knees. However, I find comfort in knowing that, if she ever does need them, they will be there through both my continued support and the support of others like my co-workers. There is no donation that is too small; all will be graciously received.

In the end, Austin raised $550, enough to outfit the family size bedroom AND a bathroom.

Austin delivers donation to Project Safe Thrift Store located at 995 Hawthorne Avenue.

February 2019