W&A Engineering’s 2021 Health Screening

As part of our employee wellness program, W&A Engineering hosts an annual health screening for our employees. During this health screening, W&A welcomes in the wonderful nurses of Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center to provide our employees with fundamental health information between regularly scheduled doctor’s visits.

“W&A’s Annual Employee Health Screenings provide us with a snapshot of our employees’ health and wellness,” Amy Kissane, our Coordinator for Corporate Citizenship, contributed. “Most importantly, we want to be sure that employees know their health is important to us, and we always remind them that the screenings are not a substitute for their annual physicals. Bottom line, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as they say, and that’s the message we want to reinforce.”

This year’s health screening was broken down into four stations.

At station one, employees had their height, BMI, and stomach circumference measured by Nurse Kim.

At station two, employees were greeted by Nurse Linda’s boisterous personality and a blood pressure cuff.

At station three, Nurses Candice and Julie performed a full lipid profile.

At the fourth and final station, employees were given the opportunity to review their full results with Nurse Katie to evaluate their fundamental overall health.

In speaking with one of our employees being screened, Nurse Kim commented, “Whenever we go into an office where people don’t like their jobs, we can really, really tell. That’s not the case here. Not at all.” To hear that our passion for our work is so potent that even those visiting our office can feel it truly means the world, and it only encourages us to be more enthusiastic and intentional about the drive behind our projects.

Amy Kissane and Nurse Sandy presided over the entire event and kept everyone on track! We want to extend the most heartfelt thank you to the six amazing nurses who joined us today, as well as the healthcare workers all across the country who are working tirelessly to keep us healthy and happy enough to continue building better communities.