W&A Facilitates Joint Venture with UGA, Georgia Tech to Build Camp for Disabled Children

Camp Hooray with Jon Williams of W&A - 8/21/15

W&A Engineering has helped lead the charge in facilitating a joint venture between UGA and Georgia Tech to plan and design an overnight camp for individuals with developmental disabilities.  The camp is named Camp Hooray and is located in Jackson County, Georgia. The University of Georgia’s College of Environment and Design will collaborate with Georgia Tech’s College of Architecture to design the first-of-its-kind, fully accessible overnight camp for end-users from Extra Special People Inc., a non-profit empowering children and young adults with developmental disabilities.  Jon Williams, president of W&A, noted, “This is the first time the State’s two flagship universities have worked together at this level, with classes for an entire semester focused on a project that will be good not only for ESP and our communities but for the State as a whole.   I could not be more proud of our company and of our team of employees for jumping in and embracing this project.”


It is W&A Engineering hope and expectation that this collaboration will yield new and creative ideas for achieving a fully accessible overnight camp for children and young adults with special needs. As the project moves forward, W&A will continue to help coordinate and implement the ideas generated out of this partnership between UGA, Georgia Tech and ESP in conjunction with the many highly talented individuals from the surrounding communities who generously donate their time to this amazing initiative.


More information about this venture can be found in the following articles and websites: Athens Banner-Herald, Atlanta Business Chronicle, Gainesville Times, Extra Special People’s website and Camp Hooray’s Facebook page.