Growing With W&A: Meet Yahaira Corona!

We’re thrilled to welcome Yahaira Corona to our W&A family! Yahaira joined our team in October 2021 and has already proved to be an incredible member of our Nashville Civil Engineering team.

Yahaira met our Nashville Director of Operations, Clayton Washburn, at a function at Tennessee State University earlier this year, and he quickly broad her aboard our team. She is already breaking records, providing civil design for projects in middle Tennessee as the first female Civil engineer in our Nashville office!

“My favorite part of working for W&A Engineering is the welcoming people,” Yahaira says. “They really make you feel part of the team and show that they care about you.”

Born in Leon, Guanajuato in Mexico, Yahaira loves traveling, learning new cultures, and trying new food. Despite her best efforts, she cannot tolerate spicy food, though! Since moving to Nashville, she has grown to love the diversity of the weather and the changing of the seasons. In her free time, Yahaira enjoys being outdoors, hiking or exploring her local community. She enjoys spending time with her friends and fiancé, meeting friends for coffee, having board game nights, and planning her upcoming wedding!

In discussing her time at W&A Engineering, Yahaira said, “The staff is friendly, caring and patient. The whole company makes you feel like you’re in the exactly the right place!”

We couldn’t be happier that Yahaira has joined our team, and we’re excited to see how we’ll be able to help her grow with W&A!