W&A is thrilled to congratulate our client, Landmark Properties, as we near completion on another local community-centric development known as ‘The Retreat on Milledge’ that sits on 37 remote acres of underdeveloped property and is adjacent to an extension of the University of Georgia’s Agriculture Department.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE W&A Engineering is pleased to announce the expansion of Land Surveying Services to the Tennessee area! In-house land surveying assures our clients that all site information gathered by our surveyors is shared with our project engineers efficiently and accurately to save time and reduce project cost. Based out of our Nashville office … Continued

What is a Roundabout? Roundabouts are a type of circular intersection in which entering traffic yields to vehicles already on the circulatory roadway. Roundabouts have geometric features providing a slow-speed environment that offers substantial safety advantages and excellent operational efficiency. A modern roundabout is defined by counterclockwise traffic circulation where there is no need to … Continued

A GeoMax and W&A Engineering Success Story The conflicts between humanity and nature living with each other seem to be accumulating. W&A Engineering managed a project where both humans and nature got their space: the revision of a pond right next to the construction of an outdoor amphitheater. The technicians used the GeoMax Zoom90 robotic … Continued

The Effects of Erosion Erosion is predominantly influenced by climate, topography, soils, and the surrounding vegetative cover. Sediment carries nutrients and pollutants that degrade water resources and harm aquatic wildlife, therefore proper planning of construction site activities can immensely reduce the impact of land disturbance activities on nearby resources which can lessen the need for … Continued

W&A Engineering is committed to helping your community win projects and create an environment for economic growth and prosperity. Since we began the Community Economic Development Program (CEDP), W&A has been focused on positioning your community to respond when a new industry or business knocks on your door. We believe in that mission and strive … Continued

Active Engagement in Our Community In our business we get some interesting questions. One of the more frequent questions we get is- Why does W&A Engineering have an Economic Development focus?  The answer is obvious to some and less obvious to others. Providing traditional services to developers and municipalities has provided both challenges and rewards … Continued