PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: The Retreat On Milledge

Retreat On MIlledge  Community Under Construction


W&A is thrilled to congratulate our client, Landmark Properties, as we near completion on another local community-centric development known as ‘The Retreat on Milledge’ that sits on 37 remote acres of underdeveloped property and is adjacent to an extension of the University of Georgia’s Agriculture Department. The entire development consists of 87 buildings in total and includes a lavish community clubhouse with upscale outdoor amenities designed by W&A’s very own talented landscape architecture department. The W&A landscape architecture team provided a range of project design support services that incorporated a sustainable tree plan and natural landscaping elements. 

Our civil project engineers worked with local county and city departments to thoughtfully design a safe and efficient land-use plan, which includes the roadways and pedestrian sidewalk systems to connect our new neighbors to one another and keep us all moving forward as the Classic City continues to evolve. 

Thankfully, our project team was able to keep construction on track with the help of our land surveying team’s exclusive surveying services and timely construction staking services, which was no easy feat considering how cruel Georgia weather can be. With the support of our land surveyors, the W&A team is able to seamlessly share information across disciplines and move projects of all sizes from inception to completion quickly and successfully. 


W&A is grateful for projects like this new off-campus student living community because providing off-campus housing options for students can improve access to housing options for students and local families alike throughout the county as well as help lessen congestion in the downtown district. Located next to the Georgia State Botanical Gardens, developments like these also present the opportunity to address and improve failing and underserving infrastructure as communities like Athens-Clarke County prepare to expand their city’s footprint to accommodate growing community needs. W&A’s unique ability to engineer partnerships allows us to find innovative solutions for our clients, while still meeting the needs and expectations of the citizens and communities we serve.

W&A improves communities by ensuring adequate access to sanitary sewer, water, and utility services are available to all the neighborhoods we serve. Projects like the ‘Retreat on Milledge’ are made possible thanks to the hard work and dedication of the talented team of professionals involved and the gracious support received from our community and industry partners. The property management team is now accepting applications and preparing to welcome students to move in this fall. You can learn more about this project by visiting our project portfolio and Landmark Properties website.