Professional Land Surveying: Accurate Golf Drive Distances and So Much More

land surveyor woman oconee ga
Every year, W&A sets up our equipment on the first hole of the annual Oconee County Chamber of Commerce golf tournament at the Lane Creek Golf Course in Bishop, GA. This year’s tournament was on April, 21.

We use our professional land surveying equipment to determine the distance of the longest drive from each group off the first tee, and at the end of the tournament we award a prize to the person with the longest drive.

This year’s winner of the Longest Drive contest was Savannah Chandler from Walton EMC, with a net drive of 301 yards.

Sharing Knowledge about Land Surveying in a Creative Way

W&A Engineering is passionate about sharing our love of what we do with the communities we serve.

We understand that no one (except maybe us) thinks the idea of sitting around in a conference room and talking at length about what we do sounds like fun.

The long drive event gives us an opportunity to teach people about the science — and the great people — behind the tools of our trade.

So till next time, keep practicing that swing!