Christian Hoadley Adds Soil Classification Expertise to Team W&A

soil classification athens gaW&A Engineering now offers soil classification expertise to our clients and partners.

As W&A continues to grow, we are constantly identifying new ways to provide exceptional customer service and convenience for our clients.

A key component of that effort is identifying services that align with our clients’ development needs. To more fully meet those needs, we recently expanded our staff—and our scope of services—with the addition to our team of Christian Hoadley—a Georgia Certified Soil Scientist.

Christian will conduct soil classifications and sampling associated with septic tank design and installation, as well as wetlands and stream delineation, soil erosion and sediment control plans, and hydrology studies.

Christian holds a degree in Soils and Hydrology from the University of Georgia’s Warnell School of Forest Resources.

Christian will work closely with the W&A staff to lend his expertise and training as it pertains to soils classification, soil erosion, hydrology and storm water management.

We are excited to welcome Christian Hoadley to the W&A team!